Fwooshcast Call in LIVE show #2 – Random chats with fans!

Woo boy this is a biggie! nearly 5 hours long, and featuring a host of people from fans to other podcasters! We tackles all manner of toys and general geekery! Tonnes of fun!

Special thanks to Nikki who was my backup recorder, which proved handy since my recording buggered up!

Updated: April 22, 2012 — 8:18 pm

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  1. I am listening to about 18 minutes into the show and I just had to comment immediately. I simply loved the segment about your significant other on the show. It is great to hear significant other’s opinion about the hobbies. If you have a female geek on as a regular in the show, that would be even more fun to listen to. WhatsonJoeMind did the episode of significant others and it was a very popular episode.

  2. Sorry, I wanted to drop another message. I heard that Gary is trying to get into Kamen Rider huh? Actually that’s pretty interesting news. I had been listening to fwooshcast since episode 23 and you guys always mention Kamen Rider either the figures or the shows… and well… I simply have no clue this show is about. I decided to also give this series a try. I will watch whatever Gary decided to watch… at least 10 episodes as well. My knowledge about Kamen Rider is back in the 80’s because of my friends, but I never sat down and actually watch any of the episodes. Anyway, I’m looking forward what Gary ends up watching… 🙂 I’m do the same.

  3. Glad u liked the episode mate!

    id love to have a female co-host, but there arent many female collectors into the lines we discuss, and honestly none have ever made themselves known to me to ask em! ladies, if you’re out there, let me know I’d love to have you on!

    As to Kamen Rider, I haven’t heard from anyone re: a choice yet, so we’ll see what happens.

  4. By the way, I been searching the interesting and I stumble upon this very interesting action figure call: “Unofficial Sentai Akiba Rangers.” Have you guys heard about this? I’m still not sold on the whole Super Sentai or the Kamen Rider type of entertainment yet “but” the design of the figures got me very interested to want to know more about this show. Any of you know if this is worth watching? The S.H. Figure Art of these characters are fabulous. Thanks guys!

    1. Akibaranger is brand new, a spoof show on Super Sentai. The designs are fun yeah. As to if u would like the show… Its funny, but if u dont know sentai or Japanese culture Im not sure if parts of it would pass u by. Its easily findable on several subbing sites, give it a look.

      if u were going to try Sentai, personally id try Shinkenger or Gokaiger. For Kamen Rider, try W, OOO’s, Kabuto, Decade or Deno-O. All are fun, some sillier than others.

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