Fwooshcast Episode 3: Kenny Baker Lives!

It’s an all-Star Wars episode! Tony and Nic talk Star Wars Black, prequels, sequels, and vintage halloween costumes. Nic breaks down his critique of Hasbro’s first 6″ Darth Vader and Tony plays fast and loose with Kenny Baker’s life.

Fwooshcast Star Wars


It’s the most Star Wars talk we can cram into 90 minutes!



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Hagop lives in New York City where he is running out of space for his comic books and action figures.

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  1. Hiyo. First episode I’ve got. I dig it. You’ve got good chemistry and your voices are quite listenable (non-suck voices are quite important in a podcast…).

    I dig the more detailed/focused fan discussion format. It sets you apart from simply talking about toy news.

    Timestamps for different discussion topics might be a nice touch for future shows. I dug your enthusiasm in your baseball talk, but not being from the US, I was worried you were gonna talk exclusively about baseball for a moment. Nothing wrong with baseball of course, just a suggestion so peeps know when you’ll talk about which topic.

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