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Fwooshcast Call in LIVE show #2 – Random chats with fans!

Woo boy this is a biggie! nearly 5 hours long, and featuring a host of people from fans to other podcasters! We tackles all manner of toys and general geekery! Tonnes of fun! Special thanks to Nikki who was my backup recorder, which proved handy since my recording buggered up! Play in new window […]

Repost Toku mini episode

Yeah….sorry folks. Im not sure what happened about the last episode. It wasnt SUPPOSED to be episode 43. Im reposting so this goes back into the Stitcher and Itunes feed, and REALLY apologise folks! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS

Macross 101

hey folks, Craig here with an update on our Macross specials. Right from the start I realised that folks who don’t collect Macross toys would be a bit confused by the conversation, as we throw around a lot of letters, numbers and terms which can be confusing if you dont know them all. So with […]