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Episode 89, November 24th – Fwooshcast: The Next Generation

Fwooshcast: The Next Generation Following the adventures of the crew of the USS Fwooshcasterprise (NCC-FW005h), the next generation of the Fwooshcast begins! The Fwooshcasterprise is commanded by Captain Craig (thescreamman) Moore and is staffed by first officer Commander Sam (Artistix) English. This episode, the two are joined by two mysterious individuals… Listen on to reveal […]

Episode 50, January 16th – Its the 2011 year in review show! With special Guests: ‘Whats on Joe Mind?’ and Keith Justice!

IT’S TIME! That’s right it is the first annual (We hope) Fwooshcast Toy of the Year Awards/Review/Show….thing. Anyway we give our thoughts on the best, worst and most surprising toy selections of the year, as well as special guest spots from Keith Justice at HJU Radio (over on henshinjustice.com) and the boys from Whats On […]