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Episode 91, December 9th – The Bride of Tommy

Fwooshcast 91: The Bride of Tommy! This episode heralds the return of Stu (Octane) to the fold!!! More of the good ol’ (new?) Fwooshcast news, acquisitions and discussions abound, including some interesting looking acquisitions… (see title image) Join the crew: Craig “The Scream Man”, Sam “Artistix”, Stu “Octane”, Paul “Igadevil” and Albie “LCZ128” Also, contact […]

Episode 90, December 1st – News, Acquisitions and Discussions, Oh My!

Fwooshcast: News, Acquisitions and Discussions, Oh My! The new crew catch up and discuss new news (including a breaking story at time of recording), wonderful acquisitions (including Igadevil’s jealousy-inducing access to super new releases in Japan) and our thoughts on it all… Join Craig “The Scream Man”, Sam “Artistix”, Paul “Igadevil” and Albie “lcz128” for […]

Episode 89, November 24th – Fwooshcast: The Next Generation

Fwooshcast: The Next Generation Following the adventures of the crew of the USS Fwooshcasterprise (NCC-FW005h), the next generation of the Fwooshcast begins! The Fwooshcasterprise is commanded by Captain Craig (thescreamman) Moore and is staffed by first officer Commander Sam (Artistix) English. This episode, the two are joined by two mysterious individuals… Listen on to reveal […]

Fwooshcast – Episode 9 (and change) Febuary 10, Where our tech problems are (mostly) fixed and we create the greatest toy ever: Bursting Baby Bella from Twilight 4!

Your eyes do not deceive you, though you may wish they had; One of the things we talk tonight is Twilight (With some Vampire Diaries thrown in) as we create our own figure for the new film! We also chat about: Thundercats! Marvel Universe Wave 13! New Figma! New Macross! Pirate Lego! Anticipation for Toy […]

Episode 8 – January 29th, Where our heroes talk so much news that they get to nothing else! Oh and…SPOOOOON!

Yes, tis a rambly old show once again (This three co-hosts business makes for lots of conversation!) as we talk a variety of news’s! Beetlejuice walking dead toys Marvel Universe 2 Packs New Figmas/Revoltech (With a revolation about the kind of anime Sam likes) Saint Seiya (Female Saints!!!) The Infamous Shocker Toys! “Gravity is a […]

Episode 7 – January 22nd, Where we introduce our new CoHost, battle technical issues, and ramble on about a topic with no clear answer

In this weeks Episode: NECA News! Jazzwares News! Transformers News! News! A discussion on Old vs New: Remake something again, or all new characters? Oh and something about a 3rd Co-Host? He’s so amazing it knocks stuff off Sam’s shelf! http://media.blubrry.com/fwooshcast/thefwoosh.com/resources/fwooshcast/fwooshcast-episode-007.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS

Episode 5 – January 6th, Where we discuss the best toys of the year, and how our last shows have addicted us to the Plastic Crack of G.I Joe.

Its the time when everyone everywhere makes there “Best of the year” lists, and we’re way too new to break from that tradition! So here is ours, as well as some discussion on new stuff we’ve received and a little news! http://media.blubrry.com/fwooshcast/thefwoosh.com/resources/fwooshcast/fwooshcast-episode-005.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | RSS