FwooshCast Special #1 – January 25th, in which Craig and guest host Gene discuss Macross in all it’s toyish glory!

I (Craig) sat down with my good buddy Eugene ‘Eugimon’ Yoon from Macrossworld to discuss all things Macross! We take a look at the toys from across the lines history, the good and bad vehicles, what to watch out for and give you some history about the show along the way!

This is the first of 4 parts on Macross. I’ll release them every week or two depending on demand.

Gene and I will also write a basic post giving you a “Macross 101” which will include a small glossary of terms, links to the various planes we discuss from the show, a small summery of each show, and some links to the various toys. for a great source of info, hit www.macrossworld.com .

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