SDCC 2011 Mini Special 2: Shocker gets Served!

…No really, right at their panel, guy served them some papers! Listen to the details on that and a STACK of Mattel news on this 2nd Micro episode Also at the star: 18 minutes of Sams reaction to the news from yesterday.

Shownotes Below

Shocker got served

Star Wars



Bonus Video Shocker Panel 2007

Updated: July 22, 2011 — 9:05 pm

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  1. Can I ask how does the bonus video have anything to do with what is going on with the company now? You people love to link all of this together which really makes you all look nuts.

    1. The video is just as it says: A bonus. It isn’t necessarily related to anything other than it’s Shocker Toys related. nothing we have ever said about them is a lie or incorrect. In fact if you read the Fwoosh forums or look at the comments below that video you can see our opinions on the company are hardly unique.

      i WILL say this: I don’t remember or not if he has said it on the air, but Stuart got the Shocker Toys Tick figure and said he liked it, as have several other people. To my knowledge it is he 2nd Shocker figure that I have ever heard people comment on positively (The First being Maxx). Take from that what you will.

      Also their are plenty of other things that make us look nuts, so this is hardly unique.

      thanks or the comment man!

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