Episode 38, October 20th – NEW YORK COMIC CON!!! Yes folks we are BACK, and we bring with us much talk on all things NYCC!

First of all, I Apologise to everyone for all the delays. it’s been a crazy month and I know that’s made us a little intermittent, which is never a goood thing. BUT we’re back now and should be firing on all Cylinders from here forward!

This week, Sam and Craig sit down with Pablolobo from the Fwoosh to go over all the new stuff shown at NYCC! This includes:

*Star Wars
*Marvel Universe
*Marvel Legends
*DC Universe Classics
*Masters of the Universe Classics
*Square Enix
*mezco Earthworm Jim
*GI Joe

And more!

if you’re looking for images, I suggest Actionfigurepics.com, Toynewsi.com, Rebelscum.com and hisstank.com which all featured great images we referenced in this episode!

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