Episode 72, July 8th – Extra long and extra GI Joeish, we have Chuck from ‘What’s On Joe Mind?’ on chat about JoeCon 2012

it occurs to me that Stu was away, and I’m not sure we had Shownotes. I’ll see if the others have them, and this may get amended. But we talked Joecon and some other news, and we had the incomparable ChuckDawg1999 from YouTube and ‘What’s On Joe Mind?’ on! It’s an extra long episode so have some fun!

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  1. Can you give us the website where you shop for all your Japanese anime product? I can’t make it out no matter how many times I rewind the show. haha sorry… the best i heard is “armormake”?? Thanks for your help.

  2. Sure man! it’s Mandarake!


    Hope that helps!

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