Episode IG88, November 11th – Sam, Craig and Paul discuss what new stuffs they have, and answer some emails!

Folks this SHOULD fix the issue we have been having with the server, so please let me know if you have trouble with this episode as well!

It’s a “Catch up” show as we talk about what new things we have acquired, answer some listener questions and cover some of the bigger news stories (but not many)

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  1. hey craig. hate to be a bother but i cant find anyway to download episode 88. i also checked the previous episode and theres no way to download them either. just thought you’d like to know.

    1. We THINK thats fixed now, but let me know if u still have trouble.

  2. thanx mate it works now. have a great night or day or whatever it is down there right now.

  3. I envy how Craig has no hesitation to take a blade or a brush to his toys. I’m always trying to keep them pristine for a possible sale.

  4. As for your “Prime” problem, I’ve got the Japanese “Henkei” version of classics prime running with my bots and he’s sweet! Only issue is the cab pieces on the arms

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