Episode 91, December 9th – The Bride of Tommy

Fwooshcast 91: The Bride of Tommy!

This episode heralds the return of Stu (Octane) to the fold!!! More of the good ol’ (new?) Fwooshcast news, acquisitions and discussions abound, including some interesting looking acquisitions… (see title image)

Join the crew: Craig “The Scream Man”, Sam “Artistix”, Stu “Octane”, Paul “Igadevil” and Albie “LCZ128”

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Shownotes below

What We Bought

Jazwares Nicktoons figures
SLUG Zombies Series #1 12-Pack | more | more
ULTRA-ACT Ultraman Ace
S.H. Figuarts Gokai Blue
Perfect Effect – DX01 RC
KO Fansproject Shadow Scyther
Takara Tomy Transformers United Ultra Magnus
D-Arts Vile | more
Beelzeboss Heroic Duo Red Alert Upgrade Kit | more
TFC Toys F4 Phantom
TW-01 Hegemon
Figma Tekkaman Blade | more
S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Fourze Cosmic States
S.H. Figuarts Machine Meteor Star
S.H. Figuars Deka Blue
S.H. Figuarts Bouken Red
S.H. Figuars Shinken Red (Kaoru) | more

BotCon 2013 Set Theme | more
Transformers United Artfire
TFC Toys Uranos Harrier, Falcon and Combined Form
FansProject Causality Armored Battalion
High Grade HG Heroes Kamen Rider 3 “I Am Your Last Hope” Edition
High Grade HG Heroes Ultraman 3 “Between a Devil and an Angel…” Edition
Gears of War 3 & 3/4 Figures
Mortal Kombat
The New 52 “We Can Be Heroes” Justice League 7 Figure Boxset | more | more | more
VF-4G @ Yamato Open Showroom 2012

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  1. My Hegemon doesn’t have that loose arm issue. It’s been up since I posed him in my cabinet, motioning the decepticons to victory. Thanks for the heads up on the Beelzeboss Heroic Duo Red Alert Upgrade Kit, just preordered one from a second production run on BBTS!

  2. I agree with Stu, the Kamen Rider talk was tipping the scale this week. Love you guys, but in the states this stuff is non-existant.

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