Episode 96, January 20th 2013 – On Drugs! (Gummi Bears)

Fwooshcast 96: On Drugs! (Gummi Bears)
The Fwooshcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.

This week, in episode two of 2013’s regular episodes, we find most of the crew struck down by some affliction or other and under the influence of. . . Drugs… Of the medicinal variety. The show must go on though and so here’s another fun episode of THE FWOOSHCAST!

Craig “The Scream Man”
Sam “Artistix”
Stu “Octane”
Albie “LCZ128”
Absent: Paul “Igadevil”

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Shownotes below…

What We Got This Week
DX VF-25G Renewal Version
Transformers Bot-Shots 5-Packs
My Little Pony – Prince Shining Armor
Halo Mega Bloks Rhino
Halo Mega Bloks Countdown
Halo Mega Bloks Spade vs Skirmisher
Halo Mega Bloks Warthog Resistance
Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Elephant

Albie’s Halo Mega Bloks
Also, Albie is looking for Cortana

ToyWorld HardBone
DC Infinite Earths Saint Walker | Image
Hasbro Marvel Legends 2013 Wave 1
TMNT Classic Bebop & Rocksteady
Hot Toys Storm Shadow | 2
Indie Spotlight Series 2?
Transformers Takara Generations RatBat
Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Mantis
Lego mini figures Series 10 & 11 list revealed!
Star Trek Minimates Back from the dead?

And finally. . . Gummi Bears

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  1. Questions for the show.
    How much toys and collectibles are still in original seal boxes which you haven’t got around opening it? (but you meant to open it but just don’t have time) and has any of the items sat there for more then 2-3 years old?
    Keep up the good work.


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