Episode 107, April 23 – The Denizens of Ponyville

The Fwooshcast is a weekly podcast about Toys, Action Figures, Dolls, Brick-toys and all that plastic crack that we, your hosts, spend waaaay too much of our hard earned cash on.

This week, we have the return of Stu! It’s always great to have the great Stu along! Sorry about the delay in posting this new episode, but here we are- between recording later in the week and busy busy-ness, here we are! So stand back folks for another exciting episode of…THE FWOOSHCAST!

Craig “The Scream Man”
Stu “Octane”
Paul “Igadevil”
Albie “LCZ128”
Sam “Artistix”

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Awesome Shownotes below… (courtesy of Igadevil)

LEGO Minifigures Genie
LEGO Minifigures Sumo Wrestler
Disney Animators’ Collection Cinderella Doll – 16″
Disney Animators’ Collection Belle Doll – 16″
Disney Animators’ Collection Jasmine Doll – 16″

Mentioned: Disney Animators’ Collection Lineup
Disney Animators’ Collection Pocahontas Doll

Mentioned: Really Tall Metroplex
Mentioned: Tamashii Stand Campaign
S.H.Figuarts Riderman
S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive
S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style
S.H.Figuarts Yellow Buster & Usada Lettuce
S.H.Figuarts Cheeda Nick

HUGE Figures Toy Company Update
Mojang Appoints Jazwares™ as Minecraft Toy & Electronics Partner
Legendary Monsters
OMFG! Series 3
Pop! Television: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Adventure Time Pop! Television Series
Toys ‘R’ Us cancels IPO
S.H.Figuarts Sailor Moon
Paul utterly fails to explain Droid Factory Now at Disneyland!
LEGO Castle Grayskull… if only it were real
Mastermind Creation Azalea Prototype Revealed
Mastermind Creations Feral Rex Revealed In Color
E-Hobby Generations Magnificus Additional Images & Box Images

Mentioned: Transformers Reveal the Shield Perceptor Image Gallery
Fansproject CA-11 Down Force and CA-12 Last Chance Images Show Final Not Stunticons Toys
Revoltech Snake Review
Hasbro Fans Choice Transformers Poll
In-Hand Photos of Generations Springer and Blitzwing
IGear Mini Warriors MW-12 Stinger and MW-13 Rocky Revealed
iGear Toys – New Mini Warriors on the Way

Mentioned: iGear – MW-05 Mini Warrior – Cogz!
SXS-R01 – Continuously Variable Preorder up

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