Fwooshcast Live Show Part 4!

Part 3 and 4 are up because Ep 42 is going to be delayed a day or so. Part 3 is Gene from Macross World, and then Hagop, Pablolobo and The Big 3 (The main hosts…) talk about all the Fwoosh!

Part 4 is the interview with Toy Guru followed by the wrap up!

Updated: November 18, 2011 — 5:45 pm

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  1. nice interview figured scot does his work for mattel on the line because he is also a fan and collector and cool that he wants to get to characters like Granny goodness and other of the fourth world in the dc sub. plus figured trying to sell Metron and his chair would not work at retail just like Lobo and his bike.that metron would fall into the delux category if tried at retail. plus hope the dc sub does well enough for granny to happen.

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