Useful Links

Here is a list of the various toy sites we mine for news or information. – Our host site, and a great general website for all your action figure needs. While focused on Superhero toys, they also have great discussions on all manner of figures across the forums. – A very good general news site, especially around important shows like SDCC or Toyfair. – A Transformers News site – A great Star Wars figure website, including a huge reference gallery of figures and reviews going back several years. Amazing reference for new fans. – A Huge G.I. Joe resource site, featuring a massive database on every Joe ever made. a MUST for fans getting back into the hobby. – a Spanish website featuring a lot of Saint Seiya news, with great pictures. Use your browser to translate if you don’t read Spanish. – a guy who does very good reviews on Saint Seiya and Gundam toys, with a lot of pictures. And its in English! – mainly good for their forums, but with some reviews on older toys also. Their forums are very helpful and friendly to new fans. – Ozfigures, an Aussie toy board where Sam and Craig met and post a lot. – A fantastic He-Man website. – A resource for all things Professional Wrestling, including updates on the various companies making Wrestling toys. – for all things Star Trek toy.